Application for Membership

In the case of husband and wife or family tickets, please complete an application for each person.

Full Name  
Address including postcode  
E mail address  
Home Telephone Number  
Daytime and/or Mobile Telephone Number  
Date of Birth  
Type of membership - Circle as appropriate Senior           Senior Citizen           Husband and Wife           Disabled            Family
Please list all other angling clubs or syndicates of which you are or have been a member in the past 5 years.  
Have you ever been disciplined by, or expelled from, any other angling club? If yes please give details. yes / no
Have you a particular interest in any species of fish? If so which?  
Have you previously fished any society waters? If so which and have you previously been a member?  
Do you know other senior Society members? If yes please name them.  
How did you hear about the society?  
Are you willing to attend a new members meeting for your application to be considered? If not please clarify why.  
If accepted
(a) are you willing to participate in work parties? yes / no
(b) will you read and obey the rules of the society? yes / no
(c) are you interested in social and fundraising events? yes / no
(d) will you attend club competitions? yes / no
(e) are you interested in helping with junior matches or teachins? If 'yes' are you willing to be CRB checked? yes / no           CRB yes / no
(f) will you fish regularly at any one water?

yes / no

which water?

(g) Do you have a skill or trade you can offer the Society?
If so, what?

yes /no


I wish to apply for membership of Haslemere Angling Society and WILL NOT be applying for carp night system ticket within 2 or more years.


I wish to apply for membership of Haslemere Angling Society and WILL be applying for carp night system ticket within 2 or more years.

NOTE: If you have ticked the WILL NOT APPLY option and then decide to apply for a carp night system ticket, your membership will be suspended and you will then be invited to re-apply for Society membership, this time selecting the correct option. This will be treated as a completely new membership application and you will be required to be a member for a further minimum period of two years before any application for a night system ticket can be made again. This will of course be subject to the waiting list being open at that time.

The carp night system ticket only applies to Shillinglee and to carp fishing. Members without a carp night system ticket are entitled to fish for other species at Shillinglee during the night but this will be closely monitored.

If you know a senior member of the club, please get them to fill in this section.
I propose the above named person to become a member of the Society

Full Name  
Address including postcode  
Telephone Number  
How many years have you been a member of the Society?  

I declare that I wish to apply for membership of The Haslemere Angling Society and that details given are true and correct. If I am later proven to have knowingly made a false statement I accept that this could result in my expulsion from the society and forfeiture of membership. I further declare that I am not involved with any group or organisation whose activities may be detrimental to the sport of angling. I further declare that I do not suffer from any pre-existing medical disability or illness likely to increase the risk of death or injury to myself or others.

If your application is successful all MEMBERS ARE REMINDED THAT farms, woodlands, lakes, rivers and ponds are subject to many and various hazards which may be different to those encountered in everyday lives, THAT they are at a greater than usual risk of personal injury because of this AND THAT they and only they are responsible for their own safety and any others in their care.

IT IS THUS A CONDITION OF MEMBERSHIP that upon entering the Society's land and waters, until leaving, each and every member personally assesses, in a careful, considered and responsible manner, BOTH the risk to their personal safety and the suitability of their own person to cope with such hazards as they may find and not to continue any further (save retreating to safety) should they encounter any hazard, natural or otherwise, likely to result in death, injury or damage to themselves or others.

I agree to abide by the rules of the Society and accept the conditions of membership


Signed...................................................... Date............................

Please print and complete this form and forward together with 2 passport sized photographs, cost of membership and a large SAE to: 

Brian Mintern Membership Secretary
8 Grange Close