Application for Junior Membership

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To be completed by parents/guardians

The Society is increasingly aware that a number of juniors are being left unsupervised at waters during school holidays.  From time to time juniors may act in a manner which is detrimental to other anglers, causing noise and inconvenience.  This will not be tolerated and parents/guardians are asked to ensure that this does not happen with your son/daughter, as too many such instances can result in disciplinary action.

If the application is successful all MEMBERS ARE REMINDED THAT around farms, woodlands, lakes, rivers and ponds there are many and various hazards which are different to those encountered in everyday lives. Risk of personal injury is greater than usual because of this AND THAT junior members are responsible for their own safety, and that of others with them.

IT IS THUS A CONDITION OF MEMBERSHIP that upon entering the Society's land and waters, until leaving, each and every member (and parent thereof) personally assesses, in a careful, considered and responsible manner, BOTH the risk to their personal safety and the suitability of their person to cope with such hazards as they may encounter and not to continue any further (save retreating to safety) should they come across any hazard, natural or otherwise, that is likely to result in death, injury or damage to themselves or others.

I confirm I have read and noted the above and that the named child is under 16 years of age on June 16th of this year. I agree to make his/her birth certificate available should the Society wish to verify the date of birth. I agree that my child does not suffer from any pre-existing disability or illness that would make him/her more at risk within the environs of Angling Society waters/land.

Signed......................................................................................... Date............................

Please print and complete this form and forward together with 2 passport size photographs, cost of membership and an SAE to: 

Brian Mintern Membership Secretary
8 Grange Close