Bailiff notes


As of 7th January 2021 and during third lockdown, as Angling continues to be a permitted exercise, members are reminded that this applies to LOCAL members only. Bailiffs will carry out spot checks.

Look out for:

Ospreys over flying Shillinglee en route from and to Africa - usually March/April and Sept/Oct. Red Kite becoming more prevalent and relatively rare Snipe - two pairs appeared at top end of Shillinglee during last summer.

Polite reminder

Members are reminded that fully barbed hooks are NOT permitted. Only barbless or microbarb hooks are to be used. Since 2010 it has been illegal to remove Eels; furthermore no member is permitted to transfer fish from one water to another or remove any fish from Society waters. In each case spot checks will be made and appropriate action taken against miscreants.

We would remind all members both existing and new that it is essential for all of us to protect the environment (particularly Shillinglee as a SSSI) and not carry out any activities that may be detrimental to our waters or other members. The role of Bailiff is not simply to check rod licences and club membership cards but is all embracing to include the following duties:

  • monitor water quality, welfare of fish and habitat
  • regular pollution checks
  • report erosion, tree damage and maintenance issues
  • report notifiable events to EA
  • patrol waters at irregular intervals to monitor illegal/unauthorised fishing activities and trespass
  • periodic spot checks on baits, tackle, rigs, number of rods and fishing methods to ensure compliance with HAS rules
  • diplomatically liaise with adjacent land owners, farmers, representatives of conservation organisations seeking to protect waters and enhance HAS relationships with same
  • furnish periodical Bailiff water reports within Club newsletter and online
  • act as conduit between members, Fishery Manager and other Club Officers
  • assist members to maximise enjoyment from their fishing and the environment
  • We would ask members to be our 'eyes and ears' and report any suspicious persons, vehicles or circumstances leading to a potential rule breach, and any other issues within the above list.

    Many thanks.

    Dan Winfield (Head Bailiff) tel: 07961 688518