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Keep nets ban

The temporary suspension of keepnet use is now lifted. However members are reminded that Carp and Pike must NOT be retained in keepnets, minimum keepnet size ruling, immediate release of large Bream and Tench, and common sense approach during hot weather/in shallow water and/or retention of large bags which should not exceed 50lbs per keepnet. Please remember to always use dry nets and unhooking mats.

Work party dates

See Fishery Management section of website

Malcolm Traviss

Our esteemed retiring Chairman has now served HAS on the committee, as Secretary and/or Chairman for in excess of 50 years, until his resignation in 2018. Malcolm's renowned business acumen, loyalty, dedication and acknowledged leadership qualities have made a major contribution towards the Society's strong asset and financial structure going forward.

Close season

All waters will be open from the 16th.June 2018.

Shillinglee remains open from 15th March 2018, closing Sunday 30th April at 23.59. Re-opening 16th June.

Bicknell pond closed 15th.March to 30th.April 2018 inclusive, open 1st.May onwards.

Lythe Hill remaining open at all times.

Imbhams - closed 15th March, reopening May 1st onwards. Check the website and notice boards for close season dates specific to each water. The new rotational policy will ensure at least one water is open to existing members during the close season.

Carp Anglers

As of March 2016 no new Carp angler membership applications will be entertained as the maximum number has been reached. It would be detrimental to our waters and existing members to increase numbers at this stage. The matter will be kept under consideration.

Sponsor / Tackle retailer links

Steve Moore of Apollo Angling centre Milford has now introduced a customer loyalty card scheme allowing accumulation of points which can be offset against future purchases. Ask for your own card on your next visit. He is also willing to negotiate bulk purchase deals. For larger price items he aims to match or beat any internet price which is listed in legitimate tackle shop websites, and it is his intention to stock most new products from the bigger suppliers such as Drennan, Korda, Nash, Preston and Diawa.

Please show your current HAS membership card when visiting this local retailer and support Apollo - the sponsor of our onsite notice-boards.


Following successful nettings and electro fishing in conjunction with the EA and specialist Catfish removal operatives, the committee are hopeful that this invasive non native species has now been eradicated from Shillinglee. However in the event of any member catching a Catfish, of any size, you are respectfully requested to deposit in the holding tanks that are positioned around the lake. Immediate notification must be provided to the Bailiff, Secretary, Fishery Manager or committee member. You should not under any circumstances return such fish to the water. Your co-operation in this matter would be very much appreciated.

Shillinglee Lilies

Lee Hazel and his team have completed the planting out of lily clusters in the Rookery area (2013 now established) Nursery Bay (2015), the top field and adjacent to first island in the main lake (2014/16). These will be protected by wire netting until established.

Car parking

Would members and guests please ensure that cars are parked ONLY in designated car parking areas, NOT on grass verges, near swims or blocking pathways.

Cormorant deterrents

In conjunction with other local fisheries and following extensive advice from The Angling Trust, we are currently putting in place a number of non-lethal anti predation methods in and around known Cormorant roosting locations. Related activities will be carried out on different days of the week and varying times of day. Members are asked to report multiple sightings to the Bailiff.

Trophy presentation evening

Presentation night will be held at Grayswood Club on Saturday 1st September, 8pm start time.